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Ear Candling

$85  Ear Candling

Ear candling is a procedure in which a hollow tapered cylinder is placed in the edge of the ear and the opposite end is ignited to produce smoke and warmth, which enters the ear canal. This smoke being blown in the ear helps dry any fluid. The cone shape of the candle will cause the smoke to form a tornado-like suction to pull old ear wax and noxious toxins from the ear up into the candle. Additionally, the smoke and warmth soften the ear wax to help the ear naturally expel material through the ear canal over several hours.
$20 add sinus drain and deep scalp massage with essential oils

​*With Stacey add $5


$22  Eyebrow Shaping

$28  Underarm

$31  Half Arm

$19  Lip

$19  Chin

$19  Cheeks

$36  Stomach

$26  Patch

$51  Bikini

$66  French Bikini

$81 Brazilian

$90 Men's Brazilian

$41 Chest

$51 Half Leg

$56 Full Arm

$66 Back

$91 Full Leg

$57 Full Face


$65 Full Face

During a Dermaplaning procedure, our knowledgeable staff gently exfoliates the dead cells on the outer layer of your skin, resulting in a smoother and brighter look. Our estheticians deftly use a special surgical blade that has the added benefit of removing “peach fuzz,” which does not respond to laser treatments. It’s also very effective at reducing the look of acne scars and small facial veins.

The entire treatment usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and we recommend scheduling a Dermaplaning session every month. You’ll notice results, especially the absence of fine facial hairs, for about 4 to 6 weeks. The procedure is safe, pain-free, and requires absolutely no downtime.

Dermaplaning is an effective skin treatment on its own and can also be followed by a HydraFacial (HydraPlaning) or other facial for even better results. We do not recommend dermaplaning for people with active acne.


$27  Eyebrow Tint

$27  Eyelash Tint

Spray Tan

$56  Spray Tan Full Body

$41  Legs Only

JMT spray tanning solution for a natural looking tan!

Elleebana Keratin Lash Lift

The Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results. For best results, lashes must be the length of a grain of rice.

Elleebana Keratin Lash Lift $95

Elleebana Keratin Lash Lift & Lash Tint $115

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