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Skin Care

Dr. Dennis Gross Facials

Exfoliating Wrinkle Recovery Facial

$215 60 mins This anti-aging facial helps to repair signs of aging, sun damage, fades dark spots, and reduces the appearance of pores.  Facial includes a clinical-strength retinol peel.

Vitamin C Skin Energizing Facial

$215 60 mins Supercharge your skin! Regenerate luminosity with potent vitamin C, nature’s most powerful and proven skin brightening agent.  This high-performance skin treatment helps to correct sun damage, for firmer and brighter skin.  Facial includes a professional Alpha Beta Peel.

Hyaluronic Hydrating Marine Facial

$210 60 mins Replenish hydration, with this ultra-hydrating facial that gives an instantly plumped, smoother appearance.  Hyaluronic acid quenches parched skin and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water to draw in and bind moisture to the skin, cushioning it from environmental stress and dehydration.  Facial includes a professional-only Alpha Beta Peel.

Alpha Beta Express Peel

$105 30 mins We've taken out all the fluff to deliver you a customizable, results-oriented facial in just 30 minutes. It's perfect for those short on time or for those looking for a quick refresher. These treatments are great for all skin types and will reveal a healthier, more radiant complexion

Acne Minimizing Facial

$210 75 mins  Soothe, clear, and calm your face mask blemishes and fired up skin.

Exclusively At Zen

Zen Customized House Facial

$150  60 mins  A comprehensive and customized facial treatment for all skin types to help balance, nourish, and protect the skin. It's perfect for those who want to maintain healthy skin and prevent common skin issues such as acne, dryness and congestion.

Teen Facial

$125  45 mins  A deep cleansing acne treatment for younger skin, which includes a gentle exfoliating peel to remove dull surface skin cells, a deep-cleanse, followed by extractions and a masque to rejuvenate and revive the skin. Also, time will be set aside to educate young clients on their skin and how to properly treat their skin conditions. Education is the first step to problem solving. A perfect way to reduce skin drama.

Good Karma CBD Facial

$175  60 mins  Our Good Karma CBD Facial is intended to invoke the power of self healing. Whether you have sun damaged, dry, oily skin or just want a healthy complexion, the secret to fast healing is adding CBD to your skin care routine, maintaining the optimum conditions for your cells to repair. We have harnessed the healing power of the hemp plant and added in an assortment of carefully chosen active ingredients, leaving your skin feeling nourished, radiant and youthful!

Add-On Treatments

Gua Sha Facial Massage

$45  15 mins The Gua Sha Facial Massage is a relaxing and reinvigorating experience for your skin. When Gua Sha techniques are performed on you, we focus on lymphatic drainage and sculpting which is extremely soothing.

Collagen Eye Treatment $35

Collagen Lip Treatment $25

Collagen Full Face Treatment $65



$250  30 mins This treatment offers the perfect skincare solution for the time-challenged, by bathing the skin in rich antioxidants and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid. It starts with deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation, followed by painless extractions, and ends with a burst of hydration.


$290  60 mins A customizable, rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, congested pores, and uneven skin tone on the face, neck, and décolleté, followed by LED light therapy.


$385  75 mins An invigorating treatment that includes all the luxurious essentials of the HydraFacial for your face, neck and décolleté beginning  with Lymphatic Drainage therapy to initiate the detoxification process. Then, the HydraFacial™ deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin. This treatment also includes a 15% Glysal Peel, the choice of a DermaBuilder or Britenol enhancement, followed by LED light therapy.

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